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Do you want to be
The BEST Version of
in the FUTURE ?

Do you want to be
the BEST version of
in the FUTURE?



Founder of Truly Inspired®, and a Life, Career, Healing & Mindfulness Coach based in Melbourne, Australia. As a child who established herself in a foreign land far from home, I, like many others, have had to go through many “mutations” in my life, and I have chosen to experience all of these things that happened in my life with a positive attitude; yet meanwhile, around me, there are always many people stuck with suffering and insecurity in their minds, from life to career.

This is also part of the reason why I decided to go on a journey of mentoring, sharing, and helping others. And on that journey, I had the opportunity to support and contribute to changing the lives of many people for the better thanks to my own life experiences and capital. In parallel with that sacred mission path, I always continue to upgrade myself, cultivate knowledge to be better, have stronger energy, a wider heart and have bigger arms, so that I can hug and share with more people.

Therefore, when I founded Truly Inspired®, I decided not only to share about one aspect of my life, but also to include 4 types of Coaching service: Life, Career, Healing & Mindfulness Coach.

Even though these four things are the basic aspects of our life, they still play very important roles in determining the struggles we are facing with:

Our Coaching Services

Introducing the services at Truly Inspired®

30% Off

Life Coach

Helping people balance & understand themselves, understand others.

30% Off

Career Coach

Career orientation for all ages.

30% Off

Healing Coach

Helping people heal and live in peace.

30% Off

Mindfulness Coach

Helping us to restore & renovate the entirety of our minds

Allow me to know more about you.