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What are you required to survive well in this hard life?

Today is a beautiful, cozy autumn day. I woke up and enjoyed the autumn breeze flowing into every corner of my house. On the other side of the window, the soft, bright sunlight brings comfort and satisfaction to me.

When I opened the window, a gentle breeze caressed my face, and in the distance, I could see lots of leaves falling to the ground after the wind gently passed by. It seemed like the wind had shed every leaf until the last one on that enormous tree. However, there were still some leaves holding onto those branches as if they wanted to announce: “Ms. Wind, we are still okay! We will not give up! We have not dropped down yet because we are strong, flexible, and resilient!”

The imaginary dialogue in my mind suddenly made my life perspective so lively, leading me to a question: is it because the wind was strong enough to blow away those last leaves, or is it because the leaves are confident in their inner strength? Did they still believe they have the vitality, the strength to stick on to those small branches for a while longer?

Constantly thinking about this, a thought suddenly flashed in my mind: “It turns out that humans are just similar to those leaves out there. On our journeys, each person will have to overcome many storms, even sometimes continuous hurricanes in certain moments, or a lifetime as with every step of theirs, obstacles would appear all over again. Therefore, what are we required to survive well in a life filled with drawbacks like this?”

If it was before, I might immediately think of well-balanced finance! When we are financially stable, everything will become a lot easier. Some relationship issues and our working problems would be sorted out better if we are financially stable.

Nonetheless, at the moment, even though I still consider personal finance as a “catalyst” that affects the lives of each of us, it is still only a “necessary condition”. Having well-balanced finances will still help improve many aspects of life, especially with problems that can be solved with money. Moreover, it is only when your financial strength is stable enough that you can feel somehow peaceful in life with heavy burdens that could be reduced.

Nevertheless, what if whatever happens to you causes consequences that you can not pay with material or money?

That is why learning how to prepare yourself with solid, strong inner strength is necessary!

Having a solid, stable inner strength is although you have witnessed or experienced many expected and unexpected things that have passed by in your life, such as suffering, loss, and scarification, as well as happiness, warmth, and joy,  your mind would not be wavered for too long, or be affected too badly. At this time, you would always be open to receiving everything that comes to you, not just wanting to keep the good aspects in life and trying to eliminate other unfortunate features.

A beneficial or an awful job
A wonderful or miserable relationship (often called an “unfated love”.)
A healthy or broken family
A stable or precarious life

To you, everything now is just different situations with obstacles that you need to face.

Similar to the bird in a quote I heard before: “A bird that perched on a tree branch would never be afraid of the branch breaking because of the trust in its wings.” To be more specific, that means if the branch breaks, the bird could still fly with its ability and strength without fear of the storm, depending on the strength of those branches.

Nonetheless, how to have solid inner strength? Does it mean you always have to push yourself up? Or is it always avoiding everything, preventing them from coming into your life?

I know many people choose to fake their inner strength, not just only to prove to others but to also fool their emotions and thoughts. Regardless no matter how much you try, after a while of spending your energy continuously like that, you would become mentally exhausted and finally fall into a deadlock.

Allow yourself to be miserable, engulfed in pain or negative emotions, and do not try to do anything to control them. However, they cannot overflow and drown you for too long. Always have a deadline for those unexpected. It could be a few hours for a small incident. Or it could be days, even months for slightly more serious problems if the damages are truly worth worrying about.

Moreover, after “enjoying” the pain, learn how to start setting boundaries, and helping to protect your emotions and your heart. Remember everything or everyone, words or actions that tend to hurt you before, and start to set yourself a limit. Program your brain and heart to recognise the pain or negativity that made you upset and frustrated before. Be ready to learn how to clear up problems or to walk away from people who tend to hurt you. Let them know: “I can be fun and easily get along with everyone. I am also available to help you if you need me. Nonetheless, I still have my limits. I hope you respect me and will never cross them.”

Learn how to think and create your safety by encouraging yourself from within. That will be very helpful!

Keep this in your mind: the heart can help you become rich, but your mindset and wisdom are what make that wealth sustainable.

Therefore, in the stage of setting safe boundaries for yourself, let your mind and wisdom use their power! The alertness of mind will help you quickly identify problems, and support you in facing and overcoming them more easily.

Moreover, if possible, you should practice thinking positively, and be more open-minded every day. When the habit of positive thinking starts to develop more and more, your energy level will attract people and jobs with more positive energy levels to you. The more great things come into your life, the wider your perspective and thinking will expand. From there, your inner strength will be built up firmer and more solid. However, just remember, before building a “citadel”, let yourself be drenched in misery first! That is because, throughout the process of building your protection, the broken pieces in you will be one of the most important materials to make your inner protection wall thicker and stronger!

In summary, financial strength, solid inner strength, and clear boundaries are factors that will help you survive well in this life! However, building solid inner strength will always require challenges! Beautiful strongholds will always be protected by brave warriors who dare to face dangers!

Try your best!

Much love,
Truly Inspired®

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