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Last week, after a 3-hour meeting with Truly Inspired associates, I received a message from a member of my team in a quite confused and worried mood because one of her housemates early that morning went to the hospital for major cosmetic surgery, but no one came with her.

However, the night before and the following morning, when that girl talked to my team member, my girl did not remember to ask for the address of the hospital, nor did she know which doctor was going to operate on the other girl. Because it was a major surgery, she would be under full anaesthesia, and then she would be in a deep coma for the whole surgery. She would not be able to wake up even a few hours later. Therefore, my girl was very scared when she thought about a scenario where something happened to her friend, but no one was around for her because that morning, she was also busy with the team meeting, so I could not go either way.

I was also a little nervous, but I reassured her to stay calm. I “distracted” her by asking the reason that led to her friend’s surgery. Did she have any disadvantages? Why choose to do a dangerous cosmetic surgery at such a young age, especially being under 30 years old?

My girl shared that her friend is very beautiful, her face was bright, her tiny body looked very cute, and her long black hair and her big puppy eyes sparkled. Then she sent me a picture of her friend, and I think she is truly pretty, too. That lovely appearance is quite pleasing to the eyes of many boys. Through my team member’s stories, I also know that the girl is very good at making money, and her knowledge of her professional major is also excellent. However, I did not understand why she always tells everyone around her: She is not pretty, she is not great.

This is by no means a shy, or humbling statement when someone compliments her but that was truly what she thought. Every day she says that she has to fix something on her face or body slightly more to be beautiful. Meanwhile, all the members of my girl’s shared house, her friends all say: She is very pretty!

After receiving numerous messages about my younger teammate’s friend, I have come to a better understanding of the situation. It appears that this lady may have endured a significant amount of pain in her past romantic relationships, possibly due to a lack of appreciation and even experiencing body shaming. This, in turn, seems to have led to the development of long-lasting, negative psychological obsessions.

While everyone around her could not stop acknowledging her beauty, she ultimately denied it herself. Do you think this is paradoxical? Also, do you think that something like this is happening a lot around?

I have also had the opportunity to counsel clients who grapple with low self-esteem, always rejecting their own strengths, and showing complete disregard for the positive impact they have had on those around them. Individuals like these tend to fixate solely on their perceived shortcomings or flaws.

For individuals like these, no matter how many kind words you say to them about themselves, it is challenging for them to perceive themselves that way. They tend to have a self-perception that totally contradicts yours. Ironically, they are often the ones who neglect themselves the most. Even though what we see is their care, grooming, and effort to stand out in their appearance. However, my dear friend, no matter what they do, they never feel beautiful or confident enough! That is because their self-confidence simply does not exist.

They will often yearn for what the surrounding people have. They often pay attention to the beauty that other people possess. They are never fully aware that they have a lot of features that sometimes the people they admire – are also wishing for!

Each of us, when born, possesses our unique beauty in physique, intellect, and charisma. Even identical twins have points of dissimilarity, let alone those unrelated by blood.

Do you remember the article “Perhaps, you are also someone’s dream” I published a while ago? I have also talked about this in one part. We often wish for things that do not belong to us. That is the initial cause of our pain, suffering, even loss of confidence, and jealousy in our souls.

Understanding and accepting yourself is already a success. We are not perfect, we all have our flaws. Therefore, if you have a beautiful face, attractive eyes, soft hands, healthy hair, etc. Please cherish them, even if you only own one feature in this list! That is because there will always be many people out there who wish to have your beautiful eyes, hair, hands, and lips! You know, there are so many people out there who are not lucky enough to be born with a complete, healthy body… Therefore, what you have is truly the dream of many other people!

Each person’s confidence must be built from within their mind and soul, not just from their beauty on the outside. Appearance is only the initial catalyst to attract the attention of others when coming to you, but what helps to evoke the desire to stay by your side, to accompany you, will all be determined by your inner self-values.

People with beautiful physiques are not sure to have enough confidence
However, someone who has self-confidence is very charming.
It is because of the aura that comes from wisdom and charisma. These features possess the strongest, most enduring invisible attraction. Other people will not be able to look down on confident individuals, because they are well aware of your self-worth, what you can bring to them, and yourself.

When you have truly understood your strengths and weaknesses, and know your self-values, you will succeed. Have you ever heard the idiom “To know oneself is true progress”? If you understand yourself, you could understand others, too. You would also learn how to create your very own “victory”!

Once you still have not understood and accepted that you have shortcomings. You will not be able to confidently express yourself in work, in love, and life. Accept everything because it belongs to you, and thanks to some limitations, we would try to improve ourselves even more, and make more efforts to move forward on our journey. Life will bring us many interesting and meaningful adventures

If no one would truly invest in a quality relationship with you, just ignore them and remember: You are your parents’ biggest, most expensive investment ever. Therefore, do not let your investors down, okay? 😉
Try your best!

Much love,
Truly Inspired

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