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2024 – how old are you now? Have you secured a good job, or are you still scrambling as an employee with a meagre salary, years passing by without a promotion or pay raise? Those dreams from one or ten years ago, do you still hold onto them, or have you already tucked them away, sealed and forgotten?

To put it more gently: Have you planned out what 2024 will look like for yourself? It may not be about achieving grand feats, but the point is, have you set any new goals for your own life? Like getting married, having children, changing jobs, trying entrepreneurship, pursuing additional certifications or interests beyond your current job, etc.?

In the early days of 2024, I shared an article titled “Planning for 2024: How to be effective without burning out?” on the Truly Inspired fanpage. Have you read it yet? And for those who have, since then, now that we are nearing the end of the first quarter of the new year, have you started on your journey to achieve your goals?

In today’s article, I do not want to delve into any specific goals or plans of ours. I simply want to send you a message that: It is a new year, so let us also start becoming new versions of ourselves! It is because I know many people who are still floundering and might not even have any plan at all!

My dear friend, 
The moment you decide to renew yourself, ready to map out a plan somewhat foreign to you, life steers you towards an incredibly exciting direction filled with memorable experiences! From those small changes, a new chapter in your life begins to take shape!

There is a profound difference between those with goals and plans and those without. As each year passes, by the final days of the 365-day cycle, those with plans and objectives get another chance to sit down and reflect on their journey. They can assess what they have gained, lost, and achieved with pride over the year. However, through experience and observation of life, I have realised that these may not necessarily be the most important aspects. Each review session is an opportunity for people to recognise the lessons they need to learn, identify what needs to be amended or discarded, and to completely rejuvenate themselves!

“No new results can arise from old methods!” – This is a saying I have heard repeated by many in various situations. Therefore, for those who always set goals and make plans, I believe they will know how to prepare fresh approaches to ensure a better year ahead. Meanwhile, those without goals are again “Stepping into the same river twice!” They will not notice any difference, nor will they know how to improve themselves or add something new to their lives for more excitement and development.

If, over the past year or even several years, you have not experienced much renewal while your friends and relatives have advanced far on their paths, I think it is time for you to: renew yourself!
New thinking, new actions, and new spirit!

For a long time, you might have thought that you do not have anything special about you, or that you are not loved by others. Today, try to think differently – what kind of people do you usually like to interact with? Do you have a clear picture of those individuals? If you want such people to appear in your life, first, you need to “become them!”

If you have been waking up late and dragging through your days simply because you do not know what to do next, try buying a new notebook today, then choose a beautiful corner in a café or an inspiring spot in your home, brew yourself a fragrant cup of coffee, and start jotting down the things you wish to accomplish within a month, a week, or even just for today, okay?

If you have been living with “labels” others have stuck on you for a characteristic you do not like, and that is not even true about you, today, try to gradually peel off those labels by talking directly to one of those people and see how it goes.

If you have been feeling like you have set too many goals but all remain unfinished, today, try to let go of all of them, crossing off each one. Keep only one goal that you truly desire the most, always yearning to achieve it, and to see, do you really like everything as much as you thought you did?

To start a new year, you just need the old year to pass.
To start a new version of yourself, you need to let the old version expire.

A year passes because time never stops moving.
A person grows because they never stop seeking renewal and embracing the new!

No need for big changes – small ones are fine, but they need to be precise and consistent.
No need to be flashy – being quiet is also fine, but you must be persistent and profound.
To run fast, you must know how to run long. To reach the finish line, you must actively take the first steps!

Every change can either appeal to you or not. However, I believe that just a tiny new detail can be enough to keep you constantly surprised and captivated by the experiences it brings!

As we enter the new year, let us renew ourselves too! I hope you can live an ordinary life that is far from dull!

Look in the mirror and see what new things you wish to invite into your life soon, then act on it now!

See you in the 2025 version of yourself!

Much love,
Truly Inspired

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Much love,

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