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Understanding people often feel disadvantaged – this is one of those quotes that I  have seen young people share a lot lately. Some even feel pain in their relationships with their lover, family, and friends because they think they are always the ones who understand, compromise, and think about others most of all.

For me, this quote is not entirely accurate!

A true sympathetic person would rarely feel overly sad, hurt, or disadvantaged when faced with almost any problem or difficult situation. That is because they precisely know why they must act in a certain way.

One of some classic examples of “Understanding people often feel disadvantaged” that I have come across on many social media platforms would most likely exist in romantic relationships.

For instance, if there is a couple in whom the boyfriend is always busy, passionate about his work and earning money, or he holds a significant position at his workplace then rarely has time for his girl, it will be quite common for the girlfriend to feel somehow neglected. Although he cares about her deeply and attentively, it is still easy for such situations to occur.

Or perhaps, some work trips would occur on holidays and weekends. So despite feeling sad many times, the girl still encourages her boyfriend, keeps saying “I am fine,” “Just focus on your work,” or “I understand.” However, as soon as she sends the text or ends the call like that, she immediately feels like she has been too understanding, sympathizes too much, and feels upset about her busy boyfriend.

Even though she overthinks deep inside, she never directly tells her boyfriend. She keeps her feelings hidden and assumes she has to play the role of an “understanding person,” making herself feel as though she is hurting and lonely, all because she is so good at understanding.

I will not comment on the girl’s actions in such situations because I understand that when being a woman, everyone longs for happiness with their partner. However, when people choose to perceive oneself as a “victim,” which often goes unnoticed, it can lead to constantly feeling sad even while in love. Gradually, everywhere you look, you feel like you are always in circumstances where you have to “understand” others which you end up feeling endlessly pained.

Understanding people are not the ones who end up being disadvantaged. It is those who have a victim mentality when sympathizing with others that are the ones truly disadvantaged. If all the girls have independent lives, jobs, and hobbies, care for their friends and families, and continuously learn something new every day to grow themselves, then I believe they would not have time to be sad or feel disadvantaged anymore!

When you understand and empathize with the challenges and efforts of others, you will also want to improve yourself and become more mature, which leads to a more stable life. Believe me. You will find happiness in this state of mind because then you will be at a “higher level,” understanding yourself and ready to fight for your dreams, conquering every step of your life journey!

If your partner is truly courageous, loves you sincerely, and values you, they will know how to manage their time and allocate what you deserve. Then if they are just “pretending” to be busy, why should you be sad? Am I right? There is nothing to feel disadvantaged about here. Understanding people are always intelligent and incredibly perceptive! The insights and experiences of someone sympathetic will genuinely help you decide whether your partner is worthy to accompany you on your life journey in the future.

From my perspective, an understanding person is strong, independent, well-balanced, and knows how to find happiness in every situation because their thoughts are always fair and clear. Thanks to that, they understand both themselves and others. Then when they have truly understood everything, they would know when to let go to find comfort for themselves.

This does not only apply to romantic relationships but also to family matters. I know many young people would be extremely understanding from a young age. For example, they understand that their families might not be wealthy or have the ability to provide them with expensive items. In such situations, many adults tend to say things like “Such a pity” or “Your child is disadvantaged.” However, it is not necessarily the case.

If we consider the bright side, these understanding young individuals will realize early on that they need to put in the effort, study hard, or help with household chores to let their parents make an income every day without any concerns. With this mindset, when they grow up, they will be individuals with compassionate, brave hearts, and strong spirits, no matter what circumstances they have to face!

Some might not fully agree with my perspective of understanding people are not disadvantaged, as the circumstances they were in and their life experiences might differ from mine. However, instead of adopting a negative perspective of adversities, I will always choose to focus on the most positive outlook possible. This way, I will always have the motivation and inner strength to progress and navigate my journey in life. Thus, I believe that one day, you too will view the problem as I do: understanding people are not disadvantaged. Instead, they will always have beautiful lives!

Let’s all aim to be understanding individuals, but never foolishly carry a resentful victim mentality, my friend! That is because those joyless sentiments are the obstacles that hinder progress, obstruct the development of love within your heart, and make you view everything as negatively as possible. Do not forget that, friend!

Much love,
Truly Inspired

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