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There is something I often do regularly, almost every day: that is to acknowledge my gratitude towards many people and many experiences that I have gone through. I am inherently not someone who enjoys showcasing or boasting about things outwardly; however, internally, I am absolutely devoted to practising gratitude and enriching real-life experiences through my own perceptions and analysis.

Do you remember the time when I wrote a long list of bullet points to express my gratitude to my husband? The thing is, I did not just limit this practice to just him, but extended it to many of my loved ones, even to strangers, and even to those who have caused me pain. Since embracing this practice wholeheartedly, I have found that my life feels lighter, and even the unpleasant events are no longer able to linger in my mind for too long.

Perhaps you are wondering today why I am mentioning gratitude, am I right? It is because I have personally, and continuously, “come into” tremendous benefits from acknowledging gratitude towards both people and the circumstances surrounding me.

As a Coach, my role extends far beyond merely learning self-improvement, gaining real-life experiences, and assisting others. There are nights when I tirelessly work on videos, podcasts, brainstorming ideas, editing and providing feedback on content, and engaging in 3-4 hour-long meetings with Truly Inspired teammates. There are even times when I look up from my work to find the clock striking 4 or 5 in the morning.

Once, my younger colleague in the team asked me if I ever feel exhausted from staying up too late and working too much, or where I can find enough energy and stamina to handle such a heavy workload. I simply smiled and told her that I am genuinely grateful for the busyness I have in my life today. It is not every day that I stay awake indefinitely, engrossed in work, nor do I run around with my feet up to my neck, trying to complete various tasks. However, whenever I am occupied and immersed in my responsibilities, I truly feel a profound sense of gratitude.

Why, you ask? It is quite simple, my dear friend. Through a colossal pandemic that shook the world and disrupted its equilibrium, a staggering number of companies, corporations, and even small businesses shuttered their doors, leasing their premises, slashing their workforce, cutting wages, etc. Beyond the horizon, there are millions of people facing unemployment, relying on daily assistance to make ends meet. In developing or underdeveloped nations, the situation is even worse.

Therefore, for me, whenever I have a chance to be busy with work and projects to contribute to the economy, as well as provide emotional support and assistance to others, I never think of fatigue or complain about being so occupied!

As of the present moment, even the compensation I provide to my colleagues in the Truly Inspired team is largely sourced from funds earned through other professional engagements. This is because the profits from Truly Inspired are either reinvested or channelled into meaningful endeavours and community support within our capacity. Therefore, I have never found myself in toil or exhaustion solely due to the accumulation of demanding tasks and sleepless nights. I firmly believe that endeavours stemming from the heart will invariably touch the hearts of others! My role is simply to “devote human resources,” and “leave the rest to fate.”

I understand that whoever you are, or whichever path you choose to take, there will inevitably be countless difficulties and challenges along that journey. However, do you know that everything you experience today will lead you to one or more beautiful outcomes tomorrow?

Whether you have noticed it or not, there will be numerous phases in your life when everything seems unexpected, or even a series of unfortunate events suddenly descend upon you all at once. During those times, you may feel like you’re constantly facing failure in everything you do, unable to succeed in love, overwhelmed by negativity despite your efforts to stay positive, experiencing losses in your business ventures despite your best intentions, and so much more.

I can assure you that all the things I have just mentioned above will always happen to all of us at different moments in life. However, the majority of people will face these issues with blame, regret, or heartache. It is very rare to find someone who can see them as a stroke of luck and be grateful that they happened. Only after encountering a saviour of ours or someone who can enlighten us about that “fortunate” aspect, can our minds shift and start thinking in a more positive direction.

Our lives are inherently governed by the law of borrowing and repaying. From the moment of birth, we have been “borrowing” numerous times from our parents, our loved ones, from the universe itself, and this continues until we reach maturity, where we continue to “borrow” much more from life and others. Therefore, the inevitability of “repaying debts” looms over us. When unexpected events, unfortunate circumstances unfold, endeavour to seek the silver lining that they bring forth.

For instance, encountering betrayal in a romantic relationship may indeed cause sadness and pain, but I hope you will come to realise that such a person who lacks virtue cannot remain by your side for long. They will soon be “discovered” and pushed away from your life, leaving you with a happier existence and possibly granting you someone else who will be faithful and cherish you more. Similarly, when you experience financial loss or investment failures, all of these will provide you with valuable lessons on prudence and the importance of safeguarding to prevent such losses from recurring. Alternatively, the loss of material possessions might be the Divine’s way of protecting you in terms of your life or spiritual journey.

I know it will be incredibly challenging for us to see the light while we are walking in the darkness of pain, loss, and hurt. However, my dear friend, if we can keep ourselves occupied with profound gratitude, life will always bring us greater moments of gentleness and serenity without fail!

In short, if you somehow are feeling exhausted today because you have put forth all your efforts into work, then do allow yourself to take a rest, but never forget to acknowledge and appreciate yourself for trying so hard. Being busy signifies that you are truly living. Living means there are still plenty of opportunities for us to change our lives for the better. Keep going, my dear friend!

Much love,
Truly Inspired

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