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About Me


My name is Nga Ho - a lady born and raised by the beautiful coastal city filled with warm sea breezes and white sandy beaches of Vietnam.

For more than 14 years, I have been gaining experiences in a variety of job fields and industries, including real estate, restaurant, international trade, human resources, press media and multimedia, and ghostwriting. I have now settled down in the city of Melbourne, Australia and I am currently working on the development of my career as a Life & Career Coach.


Warm greetings,

Thank you very much for visiting the home of Truly Inspired® – a place where everyone can find their own purposes, happiness and serenity in such a clamorous, lonesome world out there.


It may sound hilarious at first as one of the main reasons why I decided to start my new career as a Life coach was because of the countless “random coaching” sessions I had with people around me in the past!

I regularly received calls for help from my coworkers, friends, relatives, etc. with dealing and coping with the problems and struggles that they had, even though I had yet begun my “career” at that time.

By bringing in my deep experience, I believed that I had delivered the most suitable advice and solutions to those people so that they could learn how to overcome their crises regardless of how old they were. Time after time, I have arrived at a conclusion that most people, at any time in life, will have to face and get stuck with a certain issue.

The young people have their own “pains”, and the grownups also throw themselves into confusion; the elders and the retired ones have unspeakable struggles, and the married couples also have their own “unsettlement” within their life-long important relationships.

And at that very vulnerable moment in life, there are people who chose to put their trust in me. They wished for a chance to finally put down the “masks” they were wearing and become “naked” with their thoughts and emotions. They hoped that I could give them advice, guidance or just simply healing for their scars and wounds caused by the aftermaths of their relationships.

But it took this final, actual “nudge” for me to finally give birth to Truly Inspired®.

I feel very fortunate to always receive love and assurance from my husband and my step-daughter, who will always support me no matter what decisions I make in my life. Perhaps you would think that I am living a dream life full of peace and harmony, I presume?

But no. There have been many, many times that the Universe taught me priceless life lessons by sending me into the most horrendous breakdowns and crises I have ever had with my “loved ones”. I was the “target point” of those countless lashing tirades and damages, and despite preparing myself beforehand, I still could not bear the mental sufferings that I had.

And maybe you did not know, but I have always felt thankful for still having my best teachers and mentors besides me even at my lowest moments, who willingly held my hand and led me through the lessons that the Universe has sent in my direction. They helped me to once again awake from my past self, to acknowledge the values of those lessons and to treasure everything I have in my life.

I imagine myself as a small, naive student who has the deepest gratitudes for the people who have helped her to overcome challenges and grow into the best version of herself. My teachers have also played an important role as my influencers who strongly encourage me to aim higher and better every day. Those are the reasons why for such a long time, I have been nursing my dream of continuing this noble mission of helping and bringing peace, happiness and contentment to everyone.

This dream is also a big part of the motivations that drive me to become a Coach. It is not just because I want to help you – the person who is struggling with life, but also because I want to pay tribute to my beloved “heralds” that have supported me in my life with so much love and forgiveness.

When coming out of a crisis, I feel like I understand more deeply the purposes and vocations of my existence. I feel pathetic for the people who once hurted me and unconsciously lost the worthiness of their life due to too much time spent on bringing me down.

And did you know that each of us is the most perfect version of ourselves that is irreplaceable?

I truly believe that as long as we still have enough determination and perseverance, we will be able to live a successful and delighted life, or at least we will be able to live in sheer peace and happiness. We have all the intentions and potential to overcome life obstacles, conflicts and hostility to once again pridefully stand on our feet and bravely face the world.

This is the last material that I looked for in order to start my Coaching journey and to found Truly Inspired®.

I am here for YOU





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Connect with me

Allow me to know more about you.

Regardless of who and how old you are today, or the challenges and difficulties you are currently facing, please let me have a chance to lend you a hand and guide you step-by-step on the journey to become the best version of yourself.

Hold firmly onto my hand, and I will show you the greatest gift that God has given and hidden somewhere deep inside you!

With much love,

Truly Inspired.