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Welcome to the home of “Adulthood” of Truly Inspired!

Welcome to the home of “Adulthood” of Truly Inspired!

Such a magical and miraculous ordination of the Universe that I can have a chance to see you at this very special moment. If this is our first time meeting, I would suggest a visit to the “The pilgrimage of missions, the pilgrimage of gratitude” article to get to know me more.

Or if you have already known anything about me, perhaps through visiting my previous posts or through one of your friends and acquaintances, then I am more than happy to see you again today.

This topic is one of the few things I would like to dedicate my whole life to, with stories exclusively written for the grownup ones who never give up on developing themselves and contributing tirelessly every day to better the world we are living in.

In my opinion, maturing is perhaps one of the most special progress in one’s life, and it is the time where you are no longer looked after and taken care of like a child, but still not old enough to be consoled, assisted and protected like an elder. This is also the time where past experiences have the most major effects on your mindset and behaviour development.

My dear friend, maturing is a very long journey, and it does not necessarily need to be marked by age, but rather by life experiences and wisdom you have attained yourself.

Perhaps now that you are looking back at your own past, you may find it difficult to pinpoint exactly where and how your whole maturing journey started. But at some point, you will soon realise that: 

  • When you are misunderstood with something, you no longer try to fight or argue with anyone to prove you right. Instead, you know how to remain modest and silent, and rather prove yourself through actions. You start to believe in time’s ability to show and validate one’s values.
  • When you see someone achieving something high, you no longer feel any sense of envy or resentment, and you no longer compare your achievements to others’ achievements. Instead, you treasure what you are currently having and continue to walk the path you have chosen in order to figure out the truest values of yourself. You truly understand that even not every finger on one hand is identical, so there is no reason why you have to manage to “copy” someone else’s life.
  • When your circle of friends seem to shrink but you no longer find it as an issue; instead, you feel more comfortable and at ease compared to how you were when you were still young – the time in life where you constantly had to seek praises, compliments and validation from anyone around you. You have now understood that when it comes to friends, quality is definitely over quantity.
  • When you are somewhere alone, you no longer find yourself lonely. Even when someone you used to love so much leaves you behind, despite feeling deeply heartbroken, you no longer agonise over the fact that no one can stay with you forever in life. Only you are the one who can live forever with yourself. Your mom, dad, grandparents, life partners, or even children are just particles that make up and reflect the truest person you are today. They come into your life as a reminder for you to treat every person and every moment in life with the dearest and most sincere consideration, because we can never know when the last time you get to see the people you love the most will be.

But, in order to understand those situations above, it is also a matter of time and even tears, pain, realisation and lessons that need to be learnt and attained. At those moments, we would commonly feel a sense of loneliness, confusion and loss at sight since we cannot find a “resting place” for our soul. When day passes by as fast and straightforward as a train, it is so easy to arrive late at the station and miss your turn…

I understand so deeply your feelings right now, when on a day-to-day basis you always have to try your best to surpass the others and redefine yourself in front of both the familiar and unfamiliar faces in this society.

And just like that, we keep on carrying the unwanted burden and responsibilities on our shoulders, and at some point we finally and fully mature. But at the same time, you can no longer depend on any adults or even your parents as your emotional support. You have to become your own supporter, and perhaps become the supporter of many other people.

Feeling lonely? Worn out? Vulnerable and wounded? Seeking some comfort, love and empathy?

Somehow I believe that your answers for all the questions above would be “YES”, am I correct?

Because of this, Truly Inspired would love to introduce the new “Adulthood” corner so that you will have an accompaniment on your growing up and maturing journey, and soon you can discover the most beautiful meaning and values of your life. This may not be an easy journey to go on, but we certainly believe that you can overcome every single obstacle on your way!

If you ever feel so lost and disoriented

If you suddenly feel so overwhelmed with your emotions

If there are days that you need to look for someone to express your pity and agony to

Then we are here to help you! The Home of Truly Inspired will always welcome our dear friend, keep you warm inside your embrace, listen to whatever stories you have, understand and follow the paths you have chosen on your journey towards becoming a mature adult.

At this place, I have my little stories, lessons and sharing from myself, and hopefully these little things can make you feel more grounded, peaceful and confident every day!

Much love,

Truly Inspired.

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Regardless of who and how old you are today, or the challenges and difficulties you are currently facing, please let me have a chance to lend you a hand and guide you step-by-step on the journey to become the best version of yourself.

Hold firmly onto my hand, and I will show you the greatest gift that God has given and hidden somewhere deep inside you!

Much love,

Truly Inspired.