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helping people heal and live in peace.

It is difficult to live happily with a wounded heart. The more chaotic the world is, the more people want to find a peaceful place for themselves. The most peaceful thing is when your heart is at peace, your heart is healed and is no longer affected by pain.

Having gone through many events in my life, when my heart has been healed with love and healing energies, I want to do the same for everyone.

Healing Coach helps you heal the wounds from the past that are still smoldering in your heart. From there, you find peace, understand who you are, what your values are, and unlock your potential energies to reorient your life. You will be more successful, happier and achieve the peaceful life you desire.

We have magical energy, but most of us don’t get that backing. Sometimes unintentionally, we get hurt by others and hurt others. Psychological trauma, big or small, still accumulates and is deeply ingrained in the subconscious. They are often overlooked, overlooked. Because we often find ways to forget our pain or avoid it.

The invisible wounds in the mind gradually make us tired, ugly, self-deprecating and ashamed. We are dominated by negative emotions and pain. We also often limit ourselves to being who we are now. Because we were born and raised in the same conditions as before, gradually, we locked ourselves in the prison of limiting beliefs.

The psychology of each person partly reflects the external environment they live in. However, when your soul has wisdom, peace and tranquility, the external environment no longer affects you much.

I am here to help you get there, to assist you in upgrading yourself through listening, understanding, and healing. With Healing Coach, you will:

  • Understand the root cause of the negative thoughts that are affecting your current life.
  • See the bright future waiting for you.
  • Leave the past with its hurts and limitations behind.
  • Identify problems in life in the most clear way.
  • Changing thoughts, behaviors and lifestyles.

Finally, with
Truly Inspired Coaching services, you will discover your potential, heal your trauma, gain confidence to commit and create a better life.

In particular, Truly Inspired offers a 30% discount on service fees for all Vietnamese living in Australia.

Much love,

Truly Inspired.

Our Coaching Services

Introducing the services at Truly Inspired

30% Off

Life Coach

Helping people balance & understand themselves, understand others.

30% Off

Career Coach

Career orientation for all ages.

30% Off

Healing Coach

Helping people heal and live in peace.

30% Off

Mindfulness Coach

Helping us to restore & renovate the entirety of our minds

Connect with me

Allow me to know more about you.

Regardless of who and how old you are today, or the challenges and difficulties you are currently facing, please let me have a chance to lend you a hand and guide you step-by-step on the journey to become the best version of yourself.

Hold firmly onto my hand, and I will show you the greatest gift that God has given and hidden somewhere deep inside you!

Much love,

Truly Inspired.