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LIFE Coach

Helps people balance and understand themselves, understand others.

Have you ever felt tired when you have to rush along the wheel of life but lose time for yourself?

Have you ever felt stuffy, secretive and pressured in your own life?

Have you fallen into an imbalance between work and life or between relationships?

I have. I used to receive many lessons of the Universe before I found the balance in my mind like now. I am also often approached by acquaintances to share their life stories. Do you know? Most of our problems stem from our inability to understand ourselves. That’s the reason why we can’t do a good job, or behave rationally with the relationships around us.

It is an unpleasant truth that many of us live without goals or dreams at all. We live day to day only to be dragged away by the same cycle.

Life Coach will help you locate your life goals. It also guides you through the development of an implementation plan. The ultimate goal is to make your life better, your relationships improved, and your career more developed.

The Life Coach method begins with an analysis of your current life situation. You will know what is the difficulty, challenge or strength. You will increase your confidence and determination, remove the negative thoughts that are blocking you from success. This will help create an implementation plan that aligns with your goals. You will also be accompanied to evaluate the results when applying the plan. When you have made positive changes, Life Coach will still encourage and suggest you to firmly and sustainably develop yourself.

When you yourself have inner strength and balance, it will be easier for you to arrange relationships with those around you. Life Coach helps you understand yourself and understand others. Thereby building stronger and more meaningful connections.

Finally, with Truly Inspired Coaching services, you will discover your potential, heal your trauma, gain confidence to commit and create a better life.

In particular, Truly Inspired offers a 30% discount on service fees for all Vietnamese living in Australia.

Much love,

Truly Inspired

Our Coaching Services

Introducing the services at Truly Inspired

30% Off

Life Coach

Helping people balance & understand themselves, understand others.

30% Off

Career Coach

Career orientation for all ages.

30% Off

Healing Coach

Helping people heal and live in peace.

30% Off

Mindfulness Coach

Helping us to restore & renovate the entirety of our minds

Connect with me

Allow me to know more about you.

Regardless of who and how old you are today, or the challenges and difficulties you are currently facing, please let me have a chance to lend you a hand and guide you step-by-step on the journey to become the best version of yourself.

Hold firmly onto my hand, and I will show you the greatest gift that God has given and hidden somewhere deep inside you!

Much love,

Truly Inspired