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Story of my life journal

“Everybody has a story to tell”

"Everybody has a story to tell"

I feel very touched and inspired by this quote. People get together through connections, and stories are the wonderful gate to connect to someone else’s soul.

My story section on Truly Inspired will be a place where I can sit down and share with you the stories about my own life – a woman living in the modern world with all kinds of emotions.

In my opinion, modern women should keep in mind that “We can become the girl we have always dreamed of”.  We can be great chefs, great leaders and also great mothers for our children.

You and I, we both take on many roles at the same time, and we have gone through a long journey to grow up and learn many valuable life lessons through interacting with different people.

I feel genuinely grateful for my life right now, but that does not mean that I was born with a silver spoon and have always been treated gently my whole life. On the complete contrary, I grow up stronger and tougher from the stumbles and the “slaps” that life has given me. Maybe you do too, right?

For fourteen years, I have tried many “jobs”, experienced myself in many positions across various fields such as restaurants, real estate, international trades, journalism, media, writing, human resources, and now Coaching. My rich experiences help me to understand the hustle and bustle of an adult’s life. 

Every workplace, every person I meet leaves me with memories and lessons that contribute to the process of making me who I am today. Especially, I have my family, teachers, relatives, brothers, sisters, and close companions who unconditionally love, guide, inspire and support me so that I can live my life to the fullest and continue to do the things I love. Being a coach is my way to help many people overcome the problems they are facing in life so that they can shine the brightest with their utmost confidence.

However, in this little corner at My Story, I will be writing about something a little personal, things that will probably make you see yourself there. Like a story about a woman who is strong, assertive but still gentle in front of a scent. Like life’s trifles sometimes make an ordinary day more lovely. And also the very life, very ordinary but inspirational stories of my brothers and collaborators in the Truly Inspired team.

Did you know that the person we are today is the result of the energy that we have dedicated ourselves to enriching our minds? I have been practicing cultivating gratitude for the smallest things that I receive every day, from a good morning and hugs from my family members, the help of my teammates to the simple act of kindness from my customers. I have also been practicing sharing what I know and have with others, and developing those little habits helps me feel more fulfilled and happy as time goes by.

I believe we all have stories to tell. The more I understand that this person’s story can become a lesson, a joy, a consolation to another if it comes out at the right time. I used to think private stories were enough for me to know, but now I understand more about the power of sharing. Telling our stories is a way for us to share and connect with people. Like now, I’m trying to connect with you through these sincere words. I am an ordinary woman with small stories, but through my story, I want to share with you a different perspective. I want to use those experiences to share with everyone, through my writings, like old friends. And so you’re ready to tell, I’ll write my story first. At a tea table, there needs to be someone to start a conversation, am I right?

And I’d love to hear your own stories too! This is the email box of the My Story corner that you can send your thoughts there at any time: Your stories, sharing and confiding will become the motivation and empathy for so many other people out there.

Also, I would like you to allow me to spread the stories you share through Truly Inspired‘s articles, so that many people who are in the same situation and mood can be comforted and overcome those difficult times. (Of course, all information about you will be modified to ensure privacy, rest assured!)

My and your stories can be similar to one another, but each of them will certainly have a very distinct colour, and that is a reflection of how we live, enjoy and strive further in our life every day. Through my words and the stories I tell, I hope that I can somehow warm a part of your heart and add a little bit of peace to your life so that we can move forward together with more love.

At this time, when I have firmly stepped on the journey of “big learning”, I am grateful that I have received many blessings. Lucky to be supported by many people, to have a happy family, to do work that helps many people, to live the life I created.

Things never happen by accident, but you and I can still get through any obstacles if we have enough persistence. I put a lot of effort into building my career in Vietnam, then starting again in Australia. I suffered a lot before I had a peaceful moment in my marriage like now. I was misunderstood before being respected and treated with love.

You know, each of us is the director of our own life.

I believe in what each person is striving for to have a better tomorrow. On my way of striving further, I have also gained a handful of experience, knowledge and valuable lessons. At Truly Inspired, I talk about those experiences, knowledge and lessons as a way to “safeguard” a part of my life and let people like me discover a part of them too.

We may have stepped on many thorns, faced many pressures, found ourselves miserable and treated unfairly on many occasions in this great life. But at My Story, I will reserve a corner of the house with good fragrant tea and life stories to share with you. There will be no limitations in terms of content, stories, experiences or writing techniques. It is simply a place that contains the emotions and the very ordinary stories of me and you.

I am a storyteller, but I am also someone who is willing to quietly listen to whatever you have to say.

 Let me walk with you through your ordinary days, both fun and tumultuous, so that in the end you will see yourself as a better, happier, and brighter version of yourself.

Much love,

Truly Inspired.

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Regardless of who and how old you are today, or the challenges and difficulties you are currently facing, please let me have a chance to lend you a hand and guide you step-by-step on the journey to become the best version of yourself.

Hold firmly onto my hand, and I will show you the greatest gift that God has given and hidden somewhere deep inside you!

Much love,

Truly Inspired.